Zac Manchester
Assistant Professor

PhD Students

Taylor Howell
Model-predictive control and differentiable simulators for contact
Brian Jackson
Real-time motion planning
Simon Le Cleac'h
Game-theoretic optimization and optimization through contact
Kevin Tracy
Optimization and control
Swaminathan Gurumurthy
Deep Equilibrium Models
Suvansh Sanjeev
Reinforcement Learning and Control
Shuo Yang
Legged Robots State Estimation, Mapping and Control
Jacob Willis
Small spacecraft systems and control
Jeong Hun (JJ) Lee
Swimming Dynamics and Control
Paulo Fisch
Small satellite vision and localization
Mitchell Fogelson
Design and Control Optimization

Masters Students

Benjamin Jensen
Masters Student
Ben Bokser
Legged Robots
Fausto Vega
Small spacecraft and navigation
Chiyen Lee
Legged Robots
Sofia Kwok
Flying vehicle optimization and control
Zixin Zhang
Legged robots

Undergraduate Students

Past Undergraduate Students

Nathan Kau Legged Robots
Tarun Punnoose Legged Robots
Aaron Schultz Legged Robots


Max Holliday Now at NASA Ames
Andrew Gatherer Now at SpaceX
Jan Bruedigam PhD student at TU Munich
Laura Lee Now at Boston Dynamics
Remy Derollez Now at Loft Orbital
Jared Blanchard PhD Student at Stanford
Brandon Hung Now at Everyday Robots