August 15, 2019

Brian Jackson, a PhD Candidate in our lab, presented TrajectoryOptiization.jl, a package for state-of-the-art trajectory optimization solvers, at JuliaCon 2019 in Baltimore, USA. The 10-minute lightning talk presented the new package along with some the exciting preliminary results we’ve already acheived, including novel, inexpensive methods for controlling CubeSats, solving problems with non-smooth costs, and coordinating multi-agent robotic systems with parallelizable algorithms for trajectory optimization. We’re very excited about the announcement of composable parallelism in Julia during the conference and look forward to applying it to make our solvers run even faster!

A recording of the talk is available online on the JuliaCon Youtube Channel. TrajectoryOptimization is available to download directly from the Julia package manager or from source on the lab’s GitHub page.